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The Old Coach House Clinic
Manor Close, Tunbridge Wells
Kent, TN4 8YB

7 days 0900-1900

About The Old Coach House Clinic

Tim Rofe is a registered osteopath and acupuncturist

At the Old Coach House, we believe that the body has a natural tendency towards good health, and work to encourage the body to heal itself.  We use our hands to correct imbalances in the body, and steer the patient towards ideal health. Using our knowledge of anatomy and physiology, we examine each patient individually, treating globally, and looking for the root-cause of a patient’s problems. We aim to treat the person, not the symptoms.

Using a variety of techniques and treatments including all the main forms of osteopathy including cranial osteopathy as well as  traditional and medical acupuncture, every treatment is tailored to the needs of the individual patient. We have a caring, attentive and highly professional approach to your well-being, with emphasis on your long-term health.

Osteopaths are primary healthcare practitioners, who are required by law to be fully qualified and professionally registered in order to practise in the United Kingdom and use the title ‘Osteopath’.

Tim Rofe

In 1989 Tim Rofe graduated as an acupuncturist after studying under Dr J D Van Buren on the very first full-time course in Europe at the International College of Oriental Medicine. Although traditionally trained in acupuncture, Tim is also very interested in the modern medical approaches to acupuncture as well as its use in combination with osteopathy in clinical practice.

In 1997 Tim graduated as an osteopath from the European School of Osteopathy and is fully conversant with all forms of osteopathy and osteopathic technique including cranial osteopathy.  He also practises Swedish remedial massage; Daoist massage; and Tuina (Chinese) massage; as well as other forms of manual therapy including ultrasound and sports therapy.

Tim is a member of the British Acupuncture Council; the British Medical Acupuncture Society; the General Osteopathic Council and the Institute of Osteopathy. He is also involved in teaching Osteopathic Technique and Clinical Integration as part of the Master's Degree taught at the European School of Osteopathy where he also works as a Clinic Tutor.

He has an interest in osteopathic research and education and holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education. He also regularly undertakes continuing professional development courses to update his skills. 

Tim is always happy to talk about any aspect of osteopathy and acupuncture and how it will benefit you.


"I was so pleased to be recommended to see Tim by a very good friend.  Tim has a very calming influence which immediately puts one at ease.  He has treated and resolved a very severe neck and shoulder problem; my 'tennis elbow'; eased my swollen joints; and instilled a sense of well-being.  His practice is a relaxing and tranquil place in which to be treated.  I would not hesitate to recommend him, as I do!"  SW, Brighton.

"I met Tim ten years ago and although I now live in London I make a trip to Tunbridge Wells to see him.  Tim has a wonderful calming and sincere disposition which ensures every treatment is an enjoyable experience.  This, coupled with his extensive knowledge and intuitive ability, has ensured that my aches and pains over the years have been healed in record time.  I could not recommend him highly enough! Thanks Tim!"   CPW, Chiswick.

"Tim is an extremely good practitioner.  He has helped me with a long-standing problem which was restricting me greatly.  I am happy to recommend him to anyone."  EB, Westerham

"Tim has really helped me with a shoulder problem which I'd had for a long time." AJB, Westerham

"I first visited Tim over 7 years ago as I had a bad back as a result of a skiing accident. The problem was quickly resolved after a short course of treatments and I was so impressed that, for any subsequent problems, I immediately returned to him for help.

For the last few years I have seen Tim monthly on a "preventative" basis which has been very successful.

I have always found Tim to be extremely professional and knowledgeable. He has always been very friendly and puts his patients at ease; therefore his sessions are always very relaxing. I would recommend him to anybody who would benefit from osteopathic treatment." YB, Pembury

"Tim Rofe came highly recommended to me by a close friend who had had much experience of Osteopaths all over the world.  She said he was "the best" and she travelled a long distance to come and see him.  I first met Tim in 2008 when I had hurt my back so badly, that I'd been bed bound and unable to move for two weeks.  

By the second visit I was able to get back up on stage and perform a gig in stilletos!!! (I am a singer).  Tim has a wonderful warm, gentle and relaxed manner.  I have also had Tim work on my children if ever they've injured themselves and the kids love to see him too.  I've had both osteopathy and acupuncture from Tim and both are amazing.  Not just the remarkable healing that takes place, but also the wonderful sense of relaxation that occurs during a session.

I recommend Tim Rofe to ALL my friends and family and now many of them see him too whenever they need.  He really is brilliant!  Thank you Tim for always fixing me when I've hurt myself!! You really are THE BEST".  MM, Pembury. 

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